Flight Trak’s founder and President, Karen Martin, described the impetus for starting Flight Trak 20 years ago:

“After many years of working in the aviation scheduling business, I noticed a big hole in the market for the 1 to 5 aircraft operators. They had only two choices: 1) expensive large systems where you had to purchase the entire package up front or 2) flight scheduling software designed for piston owner operators which was cheap but could not grow with their flight department. The budgets of the smaller flight departments simply could not support the big investment for an enterprise type system.”

While looking for a way to help this underserved segment, Martin latched on to the concept of Scalability which would make it affordable and expandable for the smaller operator. 

“Looking at it from the user standpoint; if you need a Chevy, why would you buy a Rolls Royce? FT Scheduler's base system will handle the one aircraft operator; you don’t need crew tracking for one or two pilots. By modularizing the software and pricing, we were able to give the one aircraft operator a robust scheduling program tailored to fit their needs, with the ability to expand by adding additional capabilities as they grow their operations.”

Staying the course by focusing on their core principles of service, simplicity and scalability while integrating the latest in software development tools has positioned Flight Trak to continue its success story of helping flight departments meet their scheduling needs.
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