Email Integration

Email Integration

email appointment integration module

Email communication streamlined between crew, passengers, dispatch and everybody else

Every Corporate Flight Department knows the importance of communication. So, does Flight Trak and that’s why we created FT Schedule’s Email Integration Module. Whether it be communicating with the Crew or Passengers, communication is essential in making sure everyone is on the same page at the same time. 

Crews need to know:
• When they need to have the aircraft ready
• How many passengers they will have
• What luggage or equipment will be brought
• Is there special catering required?
Preferred FBO Passengers also need to know:
• When to be at the aircraft
• Are there luggage limitations
• Estimated time of arrival
• Transportation and hotel arrangements. 

With FT Scheduler Email Integration Module, all this and more can be accomplished effortlessly by the scheduler. And if your Corporate Aviation Department does not have a full time Scheduler or Dispatcher, the person scheduling the trips will appreciate this convenience even more. With the push of a button, emails can be sent to Crew, Passengers, Administrative Assistants, Mechanics and whomever else needs this information. Streamlined and efficient communications, helping your Aviation Department run smoothly.


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