Electronic Whiteboard

Electronic Whiteboard

with instantaneous schedule updates!

Traditional Whiteboard Goes Electronic!

One more Flight Trak tool to help keep everyone informed and maybe even on time.
Does your Corporate Aviation Department have one of those giant whiteboards hanging in the office or hangar, that must be updated manually? Well, now you can upgrade it to an electronic whiteboard that updates automatically when changes are made to FT Scheduler.

Your schedulers will be able to focus on managing trips and not worrying about remembering to update the outdated whiteboard.

You can have the Electronic White Board displayed on a small screen or even a 55” monitor, choose what fits your aviation department’s needs. Have one in the hangar where mechanics can easily see what aircraft are coming in for maintenance and when. Or have one in the passenger waiting area or lobby allowing them along with crews and other employees to see when the flights are scheduled to leave and other pertinent flight information. You can even have them in both locations or as many locations as meets your needs.

Does this sound like a tool you need to add to your scheduling department tool box? 
Then give us a call or visit our website, flighttrak.com and let us show you how the Electronic Whiteboard module can help keep your Aviation Department on track.


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