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By Lisa Brooks 21 Nov, 2017

At Flight Trak, we want your Aviation Department’s information as save a secure as possible. That is why Flight Trak, Inc uses State Of The Art Security tools, providing our clients with the assurance that their Aviation Department information is safe and secure. We have multiple layers of protection to keep your information safe and secure 24 hours a day/7 day a week.

• Never log into your Flight Trak account using the hotel or public WIFI. Always use your phone to create a Hot Spot. This will help prevent hackers from having access to your computer and all your information
• Never access FT Scheduler from a public computer.
• Treat your FT Scheduler account the same you would your bank account access.

At Flight Trak, Security of your Aviation Department’s private information is our Number One priority . We take security very seriously and always will.

Do you know of an Aviation Department that could benefit from Secure Scheduling Software, please ask them to visit our website or send us an email . We would be happy to provide a demo and 30-day complimentary trial.

By Lisa Brooks 25 May, 2017

As a Corporate Aviation Dispatcher or Scheduler, how many times have you had to add passengers at the last minute, changed crew members or added legs to the trip? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a Scheduling\Dispatching Software program that could accomplish this with minimal time and effort? Your Aviation Scheduling Software would then email the new itineraries to passengers and crew automatically? Wouldn't it be nice to have the Corporate Aviation Department calendar automatically update, so Pilots, Crew and Passengers could easily see all the changes. If you were using Flight Trak’s FT Scheduler, that is exactly what you would be able to do.

Add a passenger – no problem

Take a passenger off – no problem

Send new Trip Sheet to necessary parties – no problem

And if you are out of the office, it can all be done from your iPad! Talk about efficiency!

Go to our website  and request a demo of the software. Let us show you how our Corporate Aviation Scheduling\Dispatching software can help your Aviation Department run smoothly and efficiently.

By Lisa Brooks 25 May, 2017

This year marks 20 years in the Corporate Aviation Software Business for Flight Trak, Inc. Little did Karen Martin, owner and founder, realized her simple idea of creating an Aviation Scheduling/Dispatching Software package for smaller Aviation Departments would be so strongly embraced by the industry. At over 100 clients and still be growing, Flight Trak is introducing our new Smart Aviation App this summer and we are looking at partnering with other companies to provide a complete Aviation Scheduling/Dispatching Software solution.  Many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or longer and most who have left, did so because they closed or reduced the size of their Aviation departments.

Flight Trak’s secret to success? Provide Aviation Scheduling and Dispatching Software that is flexible, intuitive, cost effective. Also provide customer service that exceeds your client’s expectations. We realize that our customer’s Corporate Aviation Departments do not shut down at 5pm, so neither does Flight Trak. Most of the time our clients can reach us when they call the first time and if they do have to leave a message, we respond within an hour or two. We understand that when our clients have a question, they need answers quickly.

In the market for Scheduling/Dispatching Software for your Aviation Department, go to our website and request a demo. Then decide if we can help you!

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