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Flight Trak's FT Scheduler with AC-U-KWIK
Scheduling & Dispatching Software
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On The Technical Side
FT Scheduler is written in C++.
The database is an Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) with an object oriented wrapper.

FT Scheduler is a powerful system yet requires minimal training.  It’s “Add-On” Design is a component system, so only purchase the features that you need!  This design allows for additional features to be added on as your department grows.

FT Scheduler Lite offers the same functionality as
FT Scheduler except without the following items:

Radar Map of an Airport Search

Flight Estimator

Trip Search Capabilities

Passenger Search Capabilities

The ability to Copy a Trip to a New Date and select Crew and Passengers to be copied

The ability to Copy a Passenger(s) from One Trip to Another Trip

What our Customers Say

"Flight Trak’s, FT Scheduler software could very well be the best value for the dollar in the computerized flight scheduling software market. The quality and capabilities..."

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Michael Stovall - Director of Aviation/Chief Pilot
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